• Our offices - 3rd Floor Room 3.06

Completion Group Is a registered company under 1035039065 as a company code, specialized in Visual advertisement and events management. Our philosophy lies in working countrywide with hundreds of young men and women determined to join hands and potentials for the better and rich Rwanda.

OUR VISION is to meet the Rwanda expectations from its young men and women through developing and making business from their own personal interests and talents.

OUR MISSION is to provide an active platform of business opportunities for the ambitious young men and women; create business projects and provide necessary trainings and organize entertaining and educative events and talk shows through media.

Our Team is 100% percent Young people. University Students, Young talented and entrepreneurs.
Our motto is “We are the mirrors of Rwanda” and Our Values are :Commitment, integrity, Excellency.
Our partners: We are very open and ready to develop any new mutual project idea from our partner. We work with Companies, Banks, Public Institutions and NGOs.